The importance of reflective coats

Time:2019-09-21 06:06:08

Traffic police comrades need to wear reflective clothing jackets in their posts. In addition to showing that the ceremonies are neat and tidy, more importantly, reflective clothing jackets have a good safety protection for our comrades. It consists of a fluorescent fabric + reflective strip, and the fluorescent fabric is used as the main fabric. It has a high color and is easily distinguished from the surrounding environment. Although the reflective strip is an auxiliary material, it is the soul of a reflective coat. It uses the high refractive index glass bead to reflect the reflection principle and is made by the advanced process of post-focusing treatment. It reflects far-reaching light back into the glow, providing good retroreflective optics both day and night. Especially at night, you can enjoy high visibility like the daytime.

Deploy a reflective clothing jacket identification system in the safe production area, and monitor the presence or absence of personnel activities in the camera screen. When a person is detected, identify and detect whether the on-the-job personnel wear reflective clothing jackets. If the reflective clothing jacket is not worn, the alarm information is output. , notify the background monitors. The real-time video of video surveillance is used to identify and detect the reflective clothing jacket of the staff in real time. The dangerous behavior of the unreflected clothing jacket can be monitored and alerted in real time. The alarm video and screenshot can be displayed on the client and can be deployed on site. The sound and speaker give an alarm. According to the user's needs, the alarm information can also be pushed to the relevant management personnel to assist the management personnel in safe production management.

The composition of the reflective garment jacket is composed of three parts: base fabric + glass microspheres + adhesive, and then processed into different strip structures. The substrate here can generally be a chemical fiber substrate or a plastic film. The substrate of the film is generally processed into a reflective sticker. Glass microbeads are generally composed mainly of silica, accounting for about 67 of the total chemical composition, as well as other substances such as calcium oxide, magnesium oxide, and sodium oxide. The size of the glass beads varies from 50 to 450 mesh, and the appropriate number of beads can be selected according to the requirements of the product, or the two beads can be mixed and used to achieve a suitable reflective effect.

People in these scenes need to wear economical and safe reflective warning clothing such as reflective clothing jackets, reflective clothing jackets, reflective vests, etc. during the day and night. Second, many enterprises and institutions stipulate that they must wear reflective clothing jackets. For example: “The traffic police must wear the standard clothing law enforcement according to the regulations”; the construction safety regulations generally require the wearing of safety reflective clothing jackets; many enterprises issue reflective clothing jackets with corporate logos such as company LOGO, which brings safety to employees. Good publicity of the business.

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