Commitment to the compliance of our company's VOCs pollution remediation

Time:2019-09-21 06:07:30

Kaifeng Group Co., Ltd. is located in Huku Industrial Zone, Gushan Town, Yongkang City. It covers an area of 55,000 square meters and is divided into two factories. The two factories are only separated by Shifang Middle Road. The north side of Shifang Middle Road is mainly engaged in rubber. Production of tires and reflective materials; the south side of the plant is mainly engaged in the production of electronic scales. The VOCs rectification of this project is only for the rubber tire production line in the north side of the plant. The annual production capacity of 20 million automobile inner and outer tire factories and comprehensive building projects in the plant area was approved by Yongkang Environmental Protection Bureau in 2002; and passed the environmental protection completion acceptance in 2008. Document No.: Yonghuan [2008] No. 113.

Since its establishment, the company has attached great importance to environmental protection work and actively carried out comprehensive management of environmental pollution. It has invested 690,000 yuan in the transformation of production processes and the treatment of environmental pollutants, especially atmospheric pollutants, making the company's VOCs exhaust gas effective. The governance has achieved good environmental and social benefits.

Recently, the company responded to the implementation of the “Zhejiang Volatile Organic Contamination Remediation Plan” (Zhejiang Huan [2013] No. 54), and made the following commitments for the environmental management of new and old installations:

First, the project's environmental protection “three simultaneous” system will be strictly implemented, that is, it will be designed, constructed and used simultaneously with the main project.

Second, regulate the storage of raw materials and organic chemicals. All rubber material stacking should be separately set in a sealed room to avoid light storage, reduce volatile release; close storage for all organic solvents and low boiling point materials

Third, promote the use of clean production technology and equipment. Popularize the low-temperature one-time rubber mixing process, reduce the intermediate transfer link of the rubber compound and the semi-finished rubber compound stacking; promote the use of nitrogen-filled vulcanization process, and divide the steam for steam to improve labor productivity. Weighing of solid small materials such as carbon black should be set up in a closed process automatic weighing system to achieve closed feeding.

4. Production process equipment or areas where tires produce VOCs contaminants must be collected.

(1) Weighing of solid small materials, rubber waste gas, film air-cooled waste gas, and sulfurized waste gas should be classified and collected.

(2) In the rubber waste gas, the exhaust gas from the inlet and outlet of the mixer should be collected and then pre-treated for dust removal. The raw rubber feed port should be equipped with a suction-type gas collecting hood, and the discharge port should be provided with a partial closed cover negative pressure gas gathering; During the process of rolling out the film from the roller extruder to the cold film machine, a partial airtight cover should be set to extend the gas collection. Film air-cooled exhaust gas should be collected in a closed manner. The vulcanizer unit area is sealed and an effective gas collection system is installed.

(3) The reclaimed rubber should be placed in a closed compartment and collected in the closed area.

(4) VOCs polluting gas collection and transportation should meet the requirements of the Technical Guidelines for Air Pollution Control Engineering (HJ2000-2010), and the pipelines should have obvious color distinction and orientation marking.

5. The enterprise shall conduct at least one VOCs exhaust gas treatment facility import and export monitoring and unorganized monitoring concentration monitoring at the plant boundary every year. The monitoring of key enterprise processing facilities shall be no less than 2 times, and the monitoring of the concentration of unorganized monitoring in the plant boundary shall not be less than 1 time.

Sixth, establish a sound and improved account management system, including the waste gas monitoring ledger, the operating account of the exhaust gas treatment facility, the consumption ledger containing organic solvent materials, and the replacement of the waste gas treatment consumables. The retention period of the ledger shall not be less than three years.

7. Establish a non-normal working condition declaration and management system, including the case of project shutdown, exhaust gas treatment facilities, and environmental accidents, and report to the local environmental protection department in time for filing.

Our company will solemnly abide by the above commitments. Otherwise, it will voluntarily accept the punishment imposed by the higher level environmental protection department in accordance with relevant environmental laws and regulations.

Committed unit: Kaifeng Group Co., Ltd.

Legal representative: Lou Gaodong

September 1, 2019

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